АGRO BG - селскостопанският сайт на България е интернет базирана медия и справочник, с информация за българското земеделие.

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AGRO.BG – fast, easy and accessible information about the agriculture in Bulgaria

I. Who we are is an internet-based media and guide, providing diverse information about Bulgarian agriculture. It was created as a result of a project of AGRO.BG Foundation and was launched in the Bulgarian Internet space on December, 1st, 2003.

II. What AGRO.BG is

The availability of timely and reliable information about Bulgarian agriculture is of vital importance for agriculture and agribusiness growth in Bulgaria. Many institutions, organizations and companies now are preparing and broadcasting information about Bulgaria and its agriculture on the internet; they are offering various information services. It turns out that in most cases this information is difficult to understand and consumers lose much time as they acquire it. Information flows in the Internet become so diverse and large, so it is necessary to establish means for effective and easy way to find the requested and provided high-quality and complete information.

Building the internet portal is a subject of several basic principles:Coverage of all available information about Bulgarian agriculture, existing in electronic form, through a well-constructed and systematic links to it;

- Gradually covering and uploading in electronic form of important information no existing in the internet (e.g. the company catalog, which includes also companies, that have not web pages and even e-mail addresses);

- Broadcasting of proprietary information and news;

- Creating of new agricultural information (interviews);

- Supporting of public and easily accessible record of all entered information since the establishment of;

- Full and free access to the information, for all users of the portal;

- Implementation of "Permission marketing" to all users of the portal.

The average number of daily visits to the agricultural portal AGRO.BG is 3,000 visitors, with more than 100,000 monthly impressions.

III. Audience of

1. Agricultural producers

• They can find and contact with manufacturers (importers) of everything, needed for agricultural production.

• Prices of agricultural production on commodity exchanges and wholesale market-places in our country and abroad.

• They can familiarize with the regulations (laws, ordinances, etc.) concerning the agriculture in the country.

• They can connect and exchange experience and information with colleagues from other regions of the country.

• All about the finance and credit in the field of agriculture.

2. Civil servants in the field of agriculture

• Personnel, working in the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods, as well as in the "Agriculture" State Fund and their branches in the country

• Institutes and experimental stations.

• Teachers in agricultural universities and specialized agricultural high-schools

3. Agricultural companies, societies and associations

• They can find information about their prospective partners.

• The movement of prices on stock markets.

• Practices in the country and abroad.

4. Students in the schools and universities

• Information about the universities and their internet addresses.

• Candidate-student campaigns.

5. Everybody, who is interested in the development and the actual state of agriculture in our country.

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